NACSA - Access is More than Choice: How Authorizers can Influence Meaningful Access and Equity in Charters

Equity Coalition Issue Briefs

Topics include: Legal Status, Role of Authorizers, Special Education Infrastructures, and Providing the Full Continuum of Services


Click here to watch our accompanying webinar, which takes an in-depth look at the Guide. 

Department of Education Guidance on the Rights of Students with Disabilities

Includes: Parent and Educator Resource Guide, letter and Q&A on restraint and seclusion of students with disabilities, letter and Q&A on Section 504 and IDEA in charter schools, and a "Know Your Rights" document regarding students with disabilities in charter schools.  


Promising Practices: Kent ISD

February 2016

NCSECS Launches New “Promising Practices” Series

January 2016.

Key Trends in Special Education in Charter Schools

A Secondary Analysis of the Civil Rights Data Collection 2011-2012. November 2015.                   


Executive Summary: Key Trends in Special Education in Charter Schools

November 2015.

ASES Accommodations Manual - Third Edition

How to Select, Administer, and Evaluate Use of Accommodations for Instruction and Assessment of Students with Disabilities. 2011


Equity at Scale

How Public Charter School Networks Can Innovate and Improve Services for Students with Disabilities.                                                                                                                                               February 2015.

NCSECS ESEA Reauthorization Principles

Critical to Retain Accountability Structure and Emphasize Role of Quality Charter Authorizing. January2015.

NCSECS Submits letter to Senator Alexander Supporting Reauthorization of ESEA

with specific recommendations related to ensuring students with disabilities have access to quality charter schools prepared to support ALL students.
January 2015

Charter School Authorizer Rubrics for Assessing Special Education Capacity

Schools Operating Within a Local Education Agency (LEA)

Charter School Authorizer Rubrics for Assessing Special Education Capacity

Schools Operating as Independent Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

Special Education Start-Up and Implementation Tools

for Charter School Leaders and Special Education Managers

New York State Special Education Enrollment Analysis