Establish and Communicate Facts

NCSECS is committed to proactively documenting and disseminating accurate information about the status of students with disabilities in the charter sector through print, social media, and conferences. NCSECS recognizes the tendency to rely on anecdotal evidence in the conversation about special education in charter schools and seeks to address this issue by conducting select qualitative and quantitative research. Examples of current and ongoing original research as well as syntheses include:

  • Conduct secondary analysis of the biennial Civil Rights Data Collection administered by the U.S. Department of Education to identify trends and concerns related to special education.
  • Track, review, and synthesize existing and emerging research to produce an Annual Research Synthesis on the Status and Progress of Students with Disabilities in the Charter Sector.
  •  Track focus and growth of specialized charter schools designed to serve primarily or solely students with disabilities.
  • Examine special education finance in the charter sector to identify trends and evolving policies.

Click here to see our new special education finance initiative to find state-specific information on special education funding in charter schools.