Goals for the Organization

To increase our collective understanding of the challenges, identify viable solutions, and ensure effective charter school practices that justify the trust of parents and students with disabilities, the charter sector needs a credible entity that will be a reliable resource for key stakeholders; both in the charter sector and the special education advocacy community. We created The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS) to fill the current void and proactively seek to foster innovations that will benefit both charter and traditional public schools. In creating NCSECS, our goal is to advocate for students with diverse learning needs to ensure that if they are interested in attending charter schools, they are able to access and thrive in schools designed to enable all students to succeed.


The charter school sector will fully embrace its responsibilities to meet the needs of all students and serve as a model of innovative and exemplary programs for students with diverse learning needs.


To ensure that students with diverse learning needs are able to fully access and thrive in charter schools making meaningful investments in innovation.