Equity Coalition Issue Briefs

Work groups within the NCSECS Equity Coalition developed four issue briefs that provide a short description of important topics that shape our work. Learn more about the Equity Coalition here.


Legal Status 

The Impact of LEA Status on Special Education in Charter Schools discusses how a charter school's legal status as part of a larger local education agency ("LEA") or as its own independent LEA affects the autonomy, funding, and programming of the school.  


The Role of Charter School Authorizers discusses the responsibilities charter authorizers have to ensure that schools under their purview are meeting their legal obligations and providing excellent services to students with disabilities. 

Special Education Infrastructures

What is an Infrastructure? Special Education Support Systems in Charter Schools discusses ways in which charter schools form entities such as coops and collaboratives to pool resources, create economies of scale, and mitigate risks in order to better serve students with disabilities. 

Full Continuum

The Full Continuum discusses how public charter schools can and should leverage their autonomy and flexibility to fulfill their requirement to provide a full continuum of services that serves all students. 

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