Build Capacity for Excellence in the Field

The Center works to actively engage key stakeholders to fully leverage the innovative opportunities created by charter school laws. This entails strategically collaborating with charter school authorizers, schools, and support organizations to assess needs and develop infrastructures that will enable charter schools to create exemplary special education and related service programs. Examples of high-level engagements the Center seeks to foster include:

  • Partner with the Newark Charter School Fund to identify needs and provide focused and ongoing support to assist charter schools in Newark with building capacity to enroll and educate students with a wide range of disabilities. (2013-2017)

  • Collaborate with the Achievement School District in Tennessee to examine how special education can be provided in charter schools operating as part of an extraordinary authority school district created to turnaround low-performing schools and provide focused technical assistance to bolster authorizer capacity related to special education. (2013)

  • Work in partnership with the federally funded Center for School Turnaround to examine strategies to improve special education in targeted school turnaround efforts and create tools to assist school districts and authorizers assess the quality of special education programs to inform broader school turnaround planning efforts. (2014-2016)

  • Join forces with the Massachusetts Charter School Association to implement that Massachusetts Charter School Collaborative Access Network (MassCS-CAN), a statewide charter-support initiative aimed at boosting charter school capacity to serve students with disabilities as well as English-language learners through creation of geographic clusters of schools committed to sharing services and programs. (2015-2018)

  • Team with New Schools for New Orleans and the Louisiana Special Education Cooperative to develop an interactive, crowd-sourced database of related services providers critical to charter schools developing comprehensive special education programs. (2015-2016)