New Certification Regulations in NY May Solve One Problem but Create Another

NCSECS Executive Director, Lauren Morando Rhim released the following statement in response to the State University of New York's (SUNY) vote to approve regulations that will allow some charter schools to certify their own teachers:

"While we are glad that the developments in New York have shed light on the shortage of teachers, and especially special education teachers, in this country, we are concerned that opening the door for charter schools to certify their own educators may solve one problem but create another. To be successful, public schools need more exemplary educators with sufficient training and experience. Creating pathways that lack adequate training (e.g., only 40 hours of practice time) runs the risk of hurting rather than helping schools committed to improving the outcomes for at-risk students, particularly students with disabilities. Instead of attempting to solve problems on a one-off basis, we urge education leaders to take a step back and develop policies that will ensure all students — including students with disabilities -- have trained teachers who are prepared to lead their classrooms as soon as they enter the profession."


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